Thursday, May 22, 2014


Hello everyone who used to actually read my blog!!!! I've restarted blogging but at a different URL. I'm now starting over at Check it out if you like want to I guess. 

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hey remember when I said I was going to do that March post a day thing? HAhaHahahaHAHA well I didn't.

Well my blog has been completely all over the place lately, so sorry about that. My life has been pretty all over the place lately. I'm proud to anounce that at this moment I'm feeling quite blissful. I've been remembering all the small reasons to be happy these past couple days, and also remembering how the small happy things are actually the big happy things, we just don't always realize it. I'm remembering how to live in the moment and I'm remembering who I am again. It's quite nice! I just have to give it some time, and things will be back to normal, but I don't think back to normal means back to the way it was, I think that things are changing and evolving, new things are coming into my life and new people are coming too, and I'm learning to love it. Anyways, I'm starting to feel happy again, and I'm loving it. HEY GUYS BE HAPPY.

xoxo Leah

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Today happens to be day 3 on my nifty little blog challenge so here we go with what makes me happy.

Well I'd make a huge list of every single little thing that makes me so happy, but that list would be much too long. Instead I'm going to write about the simple-but-not-so-simple thing that is so beautiful to me, and gives me joy every single day, and that is life in general. What an absolutely beautiful thing life is. Everything about it, the way that struggle leads to a new start, and a new happiness. The way everything around us truly has beauty to it if you only tried to look for it. The way we're learning lessons, and we're learning who we are just by living. Just the simple things that can make you feel like you are everything, and even the things that make you feel like nothing, because what would feeling infinite feel like if you had never felt like nothing? It's the simple little discoveries you make about people and their stories, it's knowing someone, knowing who they really truly are, and loving them in every way not despite, but because of their imperfections, that makes life beautiful. Meeting new people, making new friends, being touched by a person's beliefs and their heart. Feeling as though you could tell someone anything, and they still would love you. That, is happiness, and that is life. Life isn't something you can describe with mere words. Life is something you must feel, and it's something you must strive to feel in every way you find possible. Life is meant to be lived, and I truly believe that no life can be considered a bad life, no life can be considered insignificant, and no life should ever be taken for granted. Love your life, love every bit of it, no matter how difficult it may be, because it is so amazing. I just wish that everyone could feel this way about their lives, and I wish everyone could know that no matter how hard it is, no matter what's going on, you are allowed to love your life. You're allowed to love other's lives. Loving life is easy once you see the beauty.

xoxo Leah

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

seasonal depression

Wow. My posts lately have been a little depressing and serious! My apologies, fellow bloggers. I haven't quite felt myself this season. Maybe because the occurrence of snowfall outside of the holiday months is one of the few things on the list of things that I cannot stand. As most people know, I'm not one to be sad or boring in most situations, and so this season has been quite unusual. But don't you fret, 15 followers of mine, today I'm feeling quite myself (for example, today I actually talked happily in physics. I cannot tell you how rare that event is. It really should be recorded in some kind of history book). I blame the weather. The weather outside is absolutely delightful. But guess what? The unwanted snow is due to come back tomorrow. Why? I will never know. Why would you want to come to a place that you aren't wanted? I don't know, but the snow isn't taking a hint as well as most of us would like it to. Either that or it's just evil. Could go either way. Anyways! I'm sure you're all dying to know the glamorous life of the real Leah Hall (that's me, by the way), and I'm sure you'll all be disappointed to know that my life has been quite the boring one for a while now, due to my grounding. This long weekend has been filled with non-stop episodes of Gossip Girl and Glee and no social interaction whatsoever. Fine by me, I feel like the break from socializing was quite needed, although I can't find a reason that I'll be happy about missing the Sweethearts dance this weekend. Oh well, life goes on, and I'm not about to focus all my emotions on being sad about a silly dance. I'm actually very happy, and I hope to keep it that way! Well if you've actually read to the end of this, kudos to you. I'm actually really clapping right now, and I hope you can imagine me clapping in front of my computer for you and I hope that it makes you happy. Idk here's a funny picture.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

"You have to fight through the bad days to earn the best days in your life."

We weren't close, but she made a difference in my life, as she did for many many more. I'm trying to let go of the regret I have for not becoming closer with Sydney earlier. We had planned to do pictures together, and I had been anxiously awaiting that day. I would see her in the halls and maybe say a quiet "hey", I was always for some reason so scared to talk to her. I always thought "oh, I'll become good friends with her sometime, she probably doesn't even want to talk to me right now." Oh how I regret these thoughts. Never ever take any moment for granted. Don't wait to talk to someone, and be a friend. Procrastination is not something you can afford in this life when every moment is uncertain. Reach out to someone, don't wait. Thank you Sydney for being an example to me, and for having a beautiful and contagious smile. Thank you for living a life that we can all cherish. Thank you for being close with my friends and impacting their lives and mine also. Thank you for inspiring me to become active in the church once again, for helping me realize what is missing in my life. Here's to you, the one and only Sydney Taylor Bruning. Heaven's lucky to have an amazing angel like yourself up there now.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Yes this post may be described as "cliche", and everyone may have already done the same thing (hence, the description cliche.), and maybe I'm a little bit a lot late, but hey guys. 2012 is over. Whaaat? Since when? Well, since four days ago. I don't know about you guys, but 2012 was the absolute best year of my life. It had it's lows, and when I say lows I don't mean just basement low (so basically what I'm saying is that the lows of 2012 were lower than the basement). People always say that they need to find who their "true friends" are, and guess what? I did just that in 2012! Round of applause for amazing friends, please *clap clap*. Well, as you might have guessed, I'm going to give you some loved photos of the year 2012. Here we go ladies and gents.

"the stash", soon to be re-invented.

became so close to this girl in 2012, and I love her to death.

In 2012 our home was Audrey's bed, as it is now. 

summer 2012 was the best of the best. new friends wuuuuttttt. 

new friends of the summer again say whaaat

partying like no other 
summer looovveee
best dance competition everrr 

hikers of '12 

entering sophomore year with my best friend in 2012 
football games are just great, okay. 
we got first the first time we competed, what noooowwww.

So yeah. 2012 was great. And 2013 is obviously going to be better, so welcome new year. Let's have a great year, everyone.


xoxo Leah 

Monday, December 24, 2012


Okay guys, this is another one of those sappy, late night, pinterest-inspired blog posts that I know you have missed oh-so dearly. Well that was sarcasm so brace yourselves for this one. 

So this picture really hit home for me, because I feel like this is something I have been worrying about so much lately. The words on that picture don't exactly give a solution for what I feel, but it puts words to how I've been feeling, and that comforts me in a way. It's kind of like closure? I'm sorry, I've been so bad with words lately. Not only in speaking, which is quite normal, but even in my writing. I don't care for my lack of words and somehow seeing this and realizing this simple thing brought some of my words to mind. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's 2:17 a.m. at this very moment, but who knows.

Anyways, back to this picture. How are you supposed to feel when your reassuring words have stopped being enough for someone? Especially when they've seemed to help them as long as you've known them, until now? How are you supposed to feel when the person closest to you is in a slump, and you know they could so easily be out of it just by picking themselves up? How are you supposed to feel when they don't believe in themselves half as much as you believe in them? It's tough, very tough indeed. But you mustn't let it keep you down. I owe it to this person to be the best and happiest that I can possibly be, because everyone deserves that little bit of help. All you can do is do your best and then hope for the best, because it's up to them to find out their own personal way of helping themselves. It's so so hard when you know it can be so easy for them to just be happy, but they just need to figure it out themselves, or else they wouldn't really learn anything. It's kind of depressing how we can't learn from the mistakes of others, we have to go through it ourselves to really believe it, and it SUCKS to see someone close to you having to go through that! 

Anyyywwayys, I feel like I still can't really get my feelings completely out, but I sure am glad I got some of it out. It's hard for me to accurately describe my feelings, and that gets me in trouble quite a lot. 

xoxo Leah