Sunday, March 3, 2013


Today happens to be day 3 on my nifty little blog challenge so here we go with what makes me happy.

Well I'd make a huge list of every single little thing that makes me so happy, but that list would be much too long. Instead I'm going to write about the simple-but-not-so-simple thing that is so beautiful to me, and gives me joy every single day, and that is life in general. What an absolutely beautiful thing life is. Everything about it, the way that struggle leads to a new start, and a new happiness. The way everything around us truly has beauty to it if you only tried to look for it. The way we're learning lessons, and we're learning who we are just by living. Just the simple things that can make you feel like you are everything, and even the things that make you feel like nothing, because what would feeling infinite feel like if you had never felt like nothing? It's the simple little discoveries you make about people and their stories, it's knowing someone, knowing who they really truly are, and loving them in every way not despite, but because of their imperfections, that makes life beautiful. Meeting new people, making new friends, being touched by a person's beliefs and their heart. Feeling as though you could tell someone anything, and they still would love you. That, is happiness, and that is life. Life isn't something you can describe with mere words. Life is something you must feel, and it's something you must strive to feel in every way you find possible. Life is meant to be lived, and I truly believe that no life can be considered a bad life, no life can be considered insignificant, and no life should ever be taken for granted. Love your life, love every bit of it, no matter how difficult it may be, because it is so amazing. I just wish that everyone could feel this way about their lives, and I wish everyone could know that no matter how hard it is, no matter what's going on, you are allowed to love your life. You're allowed to love other's lives. Loving life is easy once you see the beauty.

xoxo Leah

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