Friday, January 4, 2013


Yes this post may be described as "cliche", and everyone may have already done the same thing (hence, the description cliche.), and maybe I'm a little bit a lot late, but hey guys. 2012 is over. Whaaat? Since when? Well, since four days ago. I don't know about you guys, but 2012 was the absolute best year of my life. It had it's lows, and when I say lows I don't mean just basement low (so basically what I'm saying is that the lows of 2012 were lower than the basement). People always say that they need to find who their "true friends" are, and guess what? I did just that in 2012! Round of applause for amazing friends, please *clap clap*. Well, as you might have guessed, I'm going to give you some loved photos of the year 2012. Here we go ladies and gents.

"the stash", soon to be re-invented.

became so close to this girl in 2012, and I love her to death.

In 2012 our home was Audrey's bed, as it is now. 

summer 2012 was the best of the best. new friends wuuuuttttt. 

new friends of the summer again say whaaat

partying like no other 
summer looovveee
best dance competition everrr 

hikers of '12 

entering sophomore year with my best friend in 2012 
football games are just great, okay. 
we got first the first time we competed, what noooowwww.

So yeah. 2012 was great. And 2013 is obviously going to be better, so welcome new year. Let's have a great year, everyone.


xoxo Leah 

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