Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hey remember when I said I was going to do that March post a day thing? HAhaHahahaHAHA well I didn't.

Well my blog has been completely all over the place lately, so sorry about that. My life has been pretty all over the place lately. I'm proud to anounce that at this moment I'm feeling quite blissful. I've been remembering all the small reasons to be happy these past couple days, and also remembering how the small happy things are actually the big happy things, we just don't always realize it. I'm remembering how to live in the moment and I'm remembering who I am again. It's quite nice! I just have to give it some time, and things will be back to normal, but I don't think back to normal means back to the way it was, I think that things are changing and evolving, new things are coming into my life and new people are coming too, and I'm learning to love it. Anyways, I'm starting to feel happy again, and I'm loving it. HEY GUYS BE HAPPY.

xoxo Leah

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