I'm Leah. I like lots of music and I like it lots. I like people I can have silly conversations with and I like people who I can have serious conversations with.. I like to talk and I like to be crazy. I don't lack intelligence but people seem to think I do. I'm an Irish dancer (no. not like Riverdance), weird right? I love photography but I often lack the inspiration or courage and also the right camera to take the pictures I envision. I instagram, but those are not the pictures I find to be most special to me. I like to cheer people up a lot and I like to do dumb but slightly hilarious things. I believe that the people with the most intelligence are the ones who know how much more there is to learn, and that no one person can know absolutely everything. I feel like I sound like an absolute bore, and I feel ridiculous writing this, I promise I'm not the type to feel superior to others and be serious all the time. Quite the opposite really. Well, yeah. I like silliness. And I like Seattle. They're both great.