So many things to do, in so little time.

irish dance world championships.
travel through Europe
kiss in the rain.
go to a concert. 
go to a crazy dance party.
learn to play guitar.
volunteer at a homeless shelter.(it was so amazing.)
ride in a hot air balloon.
make a time capsule.
totally spontaneous and out of nowhere food fight.
learn to sing decently.
have an 11:11 wish come true.
cake fight.
live one day to perfection.
learn to swim good.
be a lifegaurd for the summer.
kiss under the mistletoe
have a huge project to earn money for a charity.
buy a nice camera. 
be in a flash mob
go to new york.
ride an elephant.
be in a movie or tv show.
huge snowball fight.
get my license.
swim in the ocean.
road trip with my closest friends
attend a fashion show.
pee outdoors
ride a camel
Live out of state for at least a year.
have enough money to go on a huge shopping spree
spend the night in somewhere haunted
celebrate St. Patty's day in Ireland
floating lanterns
kiss under the eiffel tower
inspire someone to live their dreams
live in a big city.
keep this blog until im old and gray. or at least through college.
travel the world without any destination.
99 red balloons photoshoot with Audrey
meet the members of the fratellis
meet the members of weezer
meet the members of the wombats
well meet a lot of musicians really

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