Sunday, June 24, 2012

happiness is a choice


Well I was just on Facebook and I saw the fanpage for the lovely Adalia Rose. I had heard about her and seen a couple pictures of her and thought I'd go see more about her. She has a disease called Progeria. (to learn more about it click the link.) Basically what it is is rapid aging. And it's fatal. This girl has this horrible disease, and she is still so happy. She knows she doesn't look like other girls or boys her age, or any age, but she is such a sweet, happy girl. And I respect her for that. Bless her little five year old soul. She is an inspiration to everyone of any age, gender, race, anything. She is an inspiration to people in general. Thank you, Adalia Rose, for being the amazing little girl that you are. please watch these videos of this little girl. Look how happy she is. If she can be happy, then trust me, you can too. Just click on her name up there to get to her fanpage!

 forever team Adalia Rose ♥

xoxo Leah

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