Thursday, May 17, 2012

who are you to decide?

Ok, so some people are not going to like this post. So if you get offended easily, you probably shouldn't read any further. 

Well, you might of already guessed what this is going to about. Gay marriage. I've heard the subject come up a lot lately and I feel quite strong about the issue. I just want to say, what are these people (not gays, people.) doing to you? How have they hurt you in any way? How do they affect you or your lifestyle? I'm perfectly okay with you not participating in gay marriage, no one is telling you that if gay marriage is legalized then you have to do it. I think that it's very surprising and depressing how in a country that supposedly lives for freedom and promotes it in every way, we are taking away the simple right for two people who love each other to get married. How is that fair at all? How does that make us the land of the free? Also, it's been proven that the reason for homosexuality is being born with extra female hormones, and whether you believe this or not, you still don't have the right to take away someone else's rights because of your own religious beliefs or just beliefs in general. AND. To those of you who say that you can't have a "real family" in a gay marriage, do you know how many kids are just waiting to be adopted, whose STRAIGHT parents have abandoned them or just can't take care of them? Or anything like that? Kids like this are in need of parents and a loving family and gay couples have just enough love inside of them as any other couple. To say that families with gay parents are not "real families" is just like saying families with only one parent are not "real families", which completely offends me. You don't have the right to decide what a real family is. Family is family.

Anyways, that's definitely not the end of my rant, but I think you've read enough. I hope you at least partly understand where I'm coming from. Here are a couple pictures that I feel help my point. 

Love knows no gender! 
Gay marriage. Or, marriage.

Well said. 

Gay marriage Gay marriage Gay marriage jasmineswanlund marriagealso well said.

love always, leah xoxo

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