Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Ok I have to say I am really disappointed in myself. I haven't posted since MARCH.

Anyways. School's almost out. And summer is soon to be in (who else is going to die of waiting for summer to come??). And I am about to enter the wild adventure of high school. and I. Am. Scared. I'm scared out of my mind. Some things that have gone through my mind are, "What if people don't like me?" "What if I never get asked to a dance?" "What if I go and stay true to myself the way I know I should and people judge me for it? What if I'm not good enough for anyone?" The last questions are what have really gotten to me. And I feel so pathetic for it. But the thing is, I'm sure that there are plenty of other people thinking the same thing. Being a teenager is so so rough. Everything you do, someone is watching you, waiting for you to make what they would call a mistake. Most of the time, you're doing nothing wrong, you might say something that they don't like, wear something they don't like, do something that makes you happy that for some reason they just don't approve of. And they might tell you straight to your face, but most likely they are going to tell their friends, and at this age we tend to mistake what our peers think for what we think. This leads to girls gossiping about you when they might not even feel that what you did or wore or said was even wrong. It is so insanely silly. Why do we do this to our fellow teenage girls (and boys?) when we know for a fact what they are going through? We know that as teenage girls, we're all stressed about how we look or what boys think of us or whatever else we are going through at home. We have absolutely no right to judge, and we know it. yet, we do it anyways. Why? Why can't we just stop it? Can't we just stop the hate and ridicule? What does gossiping give to us? Nothing! It gives us nothing, except for something to talk about. I think that the old saying, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all, is a really good thing to think about and live by. Which is hard, even for me. Haha not even for me, ESPECIALLY for me. I mean I don't gossip for the most part, but I am very, very sarcastic, and I don't mean to be rude, it's just how I am! Which probably needs to change.

Anyways, I just want to say that I hope that this will give you a change of heart, so you'll maybe watch what you say a bit more, and maybe you'll see how truly mean some of the things you think or say are. Remember, you are what you repeatedly do, which means if you repeatedly say mean things... well obviously you're becoming mean. Here's a trick I've been trying to use; whenever a rude comment about someone comes to mind, first, think about why you even care. Why do you care that that girl over there wears weird clothes? Is it hurting you? No. Maybe her family can't afford the best clothes. Or maybe it's just her style. Let her (or him) be. They didn't do anything to you. Second, walk around in their shoes for a bit. Think of reasons they could be the way they are. Some things are just out of people's control. And third, think of something nice about the person. Going through this process every time you are catching yourself being a bit of a snob will eventually lead to you being the opposite of a snob, and you'll feel yourself becoming much more happy, trust me.

Well, I think that was one of the longest blog posts I have ever written. I hope you apply this to your life, because things are so much harder when you have to carry the weight of trying to look perfect to everyone on your back. And, if other people are still doing the immature things I've mentioned in this post (which they undoubtedly will.), then don't worry about it. brush it off your shoulders before it becomes a pile on your back holding you down and not letting you get anywhere that you want to in life. People like that are not worth your time.

Ok, every time I try to end this post I start ranting again. I apologize. Stay beautiful. xoxo

so true!  Don't waste your time trying to be better than the people hurting you. If you brush it off and act like you don't care, you're already a few steps ahead anyways.


  1. I LOVE this! It's going to help me so much:)

    1. Thanks Maddy!!(: I hope it does haha just needed to get that out of my system!