Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cody Simpson was not a let-down.


I'm grounded. So I thought I'd finally post about my Cody Simpson experience.

So, me and Haley found out a couple days before that Cody was going to be opening for Big Time Rush at their concert, and we have been obsessed since what, 2009? Yeah. We love him. So we didn't think we could actually go to the concert, so we were just going to be creeps and go to the venue to see if we could just get a glimpse of him. Well, we ended up getting really cheap tickets, and not bad seats. So obviously we were way way waaaay excited. So we went, and it was at the USANA amphitheater, and there's this hill down to  food venues and such and where the meet and greets were. Well we were just walking down to get to the water because we were thirsty mofos when a girl behind us starts freaking out saying "There's Cody!!!!!". Me and Haley didn't see him but as the girls started running towards where they saw him we didn't hesitate in following him. We ran down and Cody was standing behind a wooden divider fence thing and so we took pictures and said hi but didn't really meet him before he left to go back to his dressing room. So we fangirled a bit with some new friends and we talked to a guy who had managed One Direction's concerts and met them (Niall was his favorite.) and then we went to the concert. Right before Cody went on his sister Alli, who me and Haley are also obsessed with, was going to her seat. Me and Haley were freaking out and we asked her for a picture and she was so upset that she couldn't take one with us at the moment! She was so so super nice. Don't worry everyone we later got a picture with her, it's just not on my computer. I'm way too lazy to get it off instagram and put it on here.

Anyways, when Cody performed me and Haley were just about dying. His dance moves? Ah so hot. And his voice. So angelic. We just want to marry him. After his show we went up to our seats (We wanted to be closer so we went to the concrete walkway.) and Haley sees Cody down on the other side of the amphitheater! So obviously we freak out and run down there. Well, there was a wooden fence separating the dressing rooms and the rest of the food venues and restrooms and such, and there were already a few girls down there waiting by the fence to just catch a glimpse of him. Long story short, by the end of the Big Time Rush concert people in our group had stunted each other over the fence and were chased out by security gaurds, we had gotten yelled at by several security gaurds, we had talked to Cody's personal security gaurd and convinced him to let us meet Cody, got let down by other security gaurds, schemed a plan with Jeffrey (Cody's personal body gaurd), made a plan and finally met Cody. It was seriously the best day ever. I made so many friends and I met you know, the love of my life ;) I am so very grateful for Jeffrey Traynor because he's the guy who made it all happen. Dreams really do come true! Don't ever lose faith that they will!

Ahhh he is so lovely.

xoxo Leah

ps I will be posting another post fyi don't get mad at me k bye

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