Monday, June 4, 2012

you are winning.

Hello lovelies. It's time for another "serious" post! woooo!

Anyways, I've been thinking about how so many people think of their trials as them losing something. Like they lost a battle or a contest or something. I know that's how I used to feel.

Well get this,

They're wrong.

Do you realize where you are after getting through something hard? You are ahead of the trial. In the race against your trials you are winning. You got past it. You have won one of the many races in life. And I congratulate you. Good job! You just won a race, and now you are stronger and more prepared for the next one.

See, it's like this. Think about if you were a marathon runner. You prepare for a huge race by doing little things like waking up in the morning and running. You work your muscles, just like you work yourself emotionally while struggling through small trials. You make it through all your training. Now it's the day of the big race. It's longer than you have ever run, but you're ready. And you make it through the whole thing! And with a time that is not too bad! In fact, it's really good! Now, are you going to look back on that race and think about how hard it was? Well, yes. But are you going to regret it? Are you going to think of it as something that defeated you? Are you going to think of it as a lost battle? I sure hope not. Trials are kind of like that. You get through it and you are stronger. Believe it or not, trials are quite good for you. They help you become that much stronger, and every trial you get past is another win for you. Now, you're not always going to be winning. There will be times in your life that you are going through the trial and it's really hard for you. But your job is to get ahead of it and realize that you won, and you can win. Don't ever think you aren't strong enough for the hard things, because it gets better. It really does. Don't throw away your life or a relationship because things got rough, fix it. Make it happen, because you are the only person who can do that.

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xoxo Leah

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