Wednesday, December 7, 2011

there's something good in every day.

hey peeps.
i like to smile. but you know, we all have those days where we just feel like life sucks. big time. in attempt to brighten my day and other people's days, i have decided to post ten things that i could smile about that day everyday (or whenever i post, because i'm obviously not the best at keeping up with my bloggy blog.) and i challenge you to do the same, maybe not in your blog, or maybe not even written down, but just think of all the things that made you smile that day. or even just something good about your day. or someone or something that made you less sad that day. i know it helps me.


1. putting brock's hair into a ponytail, then french braiding it, then having megan think he was a girl.
2. seminary when jenner said all his random little comments. i cracked up.
3. realizing that i'm close to having real abs
4. not having any drama with friends
5. having a fun lunchy time.
6. brianne moon. (yes. brianne gets her own spot. she makes me smile.)
7. watching hercules during flex.
8. beating my pacer score. (i got 51. still embarrassing, but at least i beat my 40 (: )
9. getting a ten on my geometry homework
10. getting some of my stuff just laying around and giving it to the church for people who need it to come get Christmas presents for their kids.

Just remember, never stop smiling, because you never know who's falling in love with your smile(:

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