Tuesday, October 18, 2011

love it

my favorite things in this crazy amazing world are the things, people, and memories that invite a smile to light up not only my face, but the faces of others. i have so many of those, i wouldn't be able to count even if i tried. maybe partly because i have short term memory loss and because if i am thinking about it really hard or being put on the spot, i could not think of even a third of them. maybe less. yes, i know, pathetic. but we all have a bit of that outrageous patheticness in us. basically it's what makes us unique. possibly i could sum up a few of things that make me happy in a cute little list.

autumn. the most joyous seasons of them all. i love the crisp fresh air, the gorgeous leaves, leaf fights, and going inside after having the time of your life and drinking hot coco with a good movie. "autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower" -unknown.

laughing uncontrollably. this my friends, is what i like to call complete bliss. that moment when you aren't thinking about those stressful, terrible things in your life. you get to step back and just be totally and completely happy. pretty much it's the best.

dr. seuss. my hero.
i was taught to read with the help of this man's writing. if you have never read a dr. seuss book (which i'm sure you have), please do yourself the favor of going and getting a book of his from the library. "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." dr. seuss.

halloween. you possibly hate this holiday because it's too scary. too creepy. or too weird. those would be the reasons i absolutely adore it. you see, i don't exactly get scared easily (unless you sneak up on me/jump out of nowhere and scream. i'm really jumpy.), and when i do, i love it. after i know that everything's ok and that a creepy guy with an axe really isn't going to get me, i think, that was WICKED. yes i just said wicked. in caps. 

well you see, going back to my short term memory loss, i can't think of my happy things. so i'll just end this with a happy picture. 
loving smiling, 
leah xoxo.

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