Saturday, November 24, 2012


You know what the most annoying and frustrating feeling in the world is? Knowing how much there is out there to discover and how many adventures you have yet to go on but being bound by the ties of high school and age and money etc. It bothers me so very much. I mean, my life is great, it's absolutely fantastic. I know that once I grow up there's no going back to being a teenager and such, and that grieves me very much, but I'm ready for a change... I just can't wait to find what changes will come. And maybe I'm not ready yet, but I feel as if I am. I am so indecisive as to whether I want these teenage years to stay or to go. I've had the time of my life as a teenager, and I'm only 16, but I need a change. I need a new revelation or person or event in my life, but I know it's not gonna happen soon, so for now I'll be fine with being a teen. I'll make it last. It'll be a blast. And then I'll have my adventure.

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  1. This is ingenious and real and I love your blog.
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